Multifunctional Car Back Seat Organizer with Touch Screen Tablet Holder up to 11" & Insulated Thermo Pockets for Drinks

Multifunctional car back seat organizer

Car back seat organizer
  • keep your kids satisfied & entertained
  • find your stuff easily & organize clutter
  • keep back sides of seats unspoiled
  • keep your drinks cold in the summer & hot in the winter
  • use everywhere you want easily - car, crib, stroller, closet etc.

One and Only Truly Multifunctional Car Organizer

  • HOT DRINKS IN THE WINTER AND COLD IN HOT SUMMER - Adjustable insulated neoprene thermo pockets keep your drinks hot in the winter and cold in hot summer. Ideal to keep your baby's bottles at that right temperature.
  • SATISFIED AND ENTERTAINED KIDS - Tablet holder with a touch-screen viewer window for hands-free viewing of movies and more. Best of all, you can even leave your case attached. There are slits on the sides of the pocket for convenient access to your headphone jack, charger port etc. This organizer provides a unique way how to enjoy road-trips or daily commuting for all back seat passengers
  • ORGANIZED CLUTTER AND EVERYTHING HANDY - Organizer features 2 mesh pockets with elastic tops, pockets for pencils and pens, big pocket with Velcro straps for bulkier items, 2 neoprene drink holders, one pocket eg. for wallet and carabiners to hang your keys or baby’s toys off. Store all the travel and daily routine essentials in an easy-to-find and easy-to-reach place.
  • USE ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME YOU WANT - Put on a hanger and use this organizer anywhere you want - cribs, stroller, closet etc.
  • CLEAN AND UNSPOILED CAR SEATS - This large, waterproof and durable car back seat organizer protects the back side of your seats from liquid spills, stains and wet toddler shoes.
Car back seat organizer

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Why Our Car Organizer Back Seat is Different?

  • Touch Screen Tablet Holder to enjoy your favorite movie during long travels
  • Slit opening for the headphones to ensure you can have a truly immersive experience
  • A large pocket to store coloring books and newspaper
  • A deep pocket to store baby diapers and wipes
  • Two various sizes mesh pockets with elastic top for snacks and toys
  • Neoprene thermal pockets to keep your drinks cold in the summer and hot in the winter
  • Three pockets to store pens and pencils
  • Carabiners to hang your additional toys, umbrella and keys etc.
  • Extra-long straps to ensure a perfect fit for any car
  • Strong Buckles to avoid sagging and to make sure your items don’t fall while driving

Product Details:

  • Condition: Brand New in Retail Packaging
  • Package includes: One Bearoy Organizer, re-zip seal bag and “baby on board” sticker
  • Dimensions : 24” H X 19” W (60 cm X 48 cm)

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kid enjoying his car back seat organizer with tablet holder

kid enjoying his car back seat organizer with tablet holder


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