Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the pocket made so that the kids can plug in their headphones?

    Yes, the tablet pocket has several openings on the sides for external access to tablet ports.

  • Is there a spot to get food or drinks hot/cold?

    Yes, the Bearoy car organizer does have two insulated neoprene pockets to keep your drinks or food hot/cold.

  • What is this organizer made from?

    Bearoy car back seat organizer is made from durable and waterproof polyester D600.

  • Will an iPad 2 fit in the tablet section?

    Yes, Bearoy seat organizer is designed up to 11” of tablet size. So, you can put your iPad 2 inside even with an iPad case.

  • I have a in adjustable head rest. How long are the adjustable straps?

    The length of the fully extended top straps when buckled up is 22 inches (there is a bit extra but that's the safest bet).

  • Does it take up much leg room in the back for a passenger sitting in the back next to a car seat?

    No it doesn't take up leg room for the passenger sitting in the back. Car organizer is attached to the back of the front seat. Depending on how spacious your car is and how much you fill the organizer there should be plenty of room.

Do you have any other questions? If so, please contact us, we will do our best to assist you!

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