Our lives are full of unexpectected moments. Situations which we do not know how to solve straight away. These situations need our time and interest. But on the other hand, our daily lives are full of small decisions which require more effort than it should. And that is what we want to achieve - we want to reduce “noises” in our daily lives and focus only on things which matter! We therefore created the Bearoy company and multifunctional Bearoy organizer.
Maybe you are asking yourself - how on earth can an usual car back seat organizer save my time? Let me explain it!

1) It is not a standard car back seat organizer but the one and only!

2) Taking kids into school and then back from the school everyday can easily turn into nightmare. Put your tablet/ipad into Bearoy car back seat organizer and let kids play games or watch a movie. You can focus on the safety of your driving undisturbed.

3) Think about family road trips. Where will I put all the things? Simply, into the organizer. Bearoy organizer provides enough room (pockets and carabiners) for your things. But the main reason for putting stuff into your Bearoy organizer is to keep your things handy!

4) When we buy a car, we want to keep our new car clean as long as possible. We all know this. Bearoy organizer keeps the back side of the car seats unspoiled from kids and other passenger’s dirty shoes and spilled drinks.

5) The daily routine of almost all of us is to buy a good coffee in the morning. But where should I put my coffee in my car? How will I keep my coffee in paper cup hot? Easily, put it into the neoprene thermo pockets built into Bearoy organizer. The same for cold drinks - insulated pockets keep the temperature of your drinks the same.

As you can see our organizer can solve more problems and save more time than we can actually think at the beginning.

“All this sounds very good but I do not a have a car…” Do not worry, we designed the Bearoy organizer even for you. Due to smart built in additional straps, you can hang Bearoy organizer everywhere eg. kid’s beds/cribs, wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom etc.

Our goal is very simple - We want to make an everyday life much easier for everyone!

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