What You Should Know About The Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer

The Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer is going to change how you organize stuff in your car, how you travel or your daily commute. It is a complete “game changer” among usual car back seat organizers. Let me explain a little bit:

1) Bearoy is kids friendly.

We are a family company. We have kids. We know how hard it is to keep them entertained, especially in a car. And this is the main reason why we are coming in to the market with this product. We simply want to keep our kids satisfied.

- How is the car back seat organizer going to entertain my kids? The Bearoy organizer is a tool to make that really easy. This organizer includes a tablet/iPad pocket with a touch screen window. You can put your tablet there and let kids watch their favorite movies with hands free, and the touch screen window allows them to control the tablet without taking the tablet out of the pocket. Lovely, isn’t it?

- Sounds good but for this reason I could just buy a tablet/iPad holder, right? Not really. As we know kids always like to change their minds. For that reason Bearoy provides enough pockets for other stuff which your child needs eg. diapers, toys, bottles, snacks, crayons, whatever. Bearoy can be turned into a child “home station” very easily.

- I like it but I don’t have kids… That doesn’t matter at all. Honestly, we all like watching movies and we do not need to be a child. This organizer is a great friend for all back seat passengers!

Car back seat organizer

- As long as I use Bearoy merely as an organizer I do not need a touch screen window for watching films on a tablet. It is true but do not forget it still a pocket. In other words it provides room for your stuff, hence you can use it for whatever you want.

2) Bearoy is drinks friendly.

We all know how annoying it is when our drinks get hot very easily in the summer. For this reason we have special built-in neoprene thermo pockets which will keep your drinks cold in the summer and hot in the winter. Kids often need a special drinking regime - Bearoy and its thermo pockets are what you need.

- Cool but is the Bearoy organizer waterproof? Yes, it is!

3) Use it everywhere you want.

This is a killer feature. No doubt. Quite often we need to organize our stuff not just in the car and that is why we have designed 3 additional straps with Velcro into this organizer which will help you put it literally anywhere.

Straps of bearoy car back seat organizer

Here are a few examples:

  • hang the organizer off a hanger & put it into your closet/wardrobe
  • or kid’s beds/cribs to have toys always handy

Do you have any other questions? Let us know on info@bearoy.com.

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